Destination Paranormal was born out of a love of travel and unexplained phenomenon. On this travel blog, I’ll be posting updates as I travel as well as interviews from different paranormal teams. Hopefully, we’ll do an investigation or two along the way.

About Me:


Listen. Observe. Question.

My name is Patrick Johnson-Hedges. I have been interested in the paranormal form my pre-teen years. I have been involved with paranormal teams in a variety of roles, from being an investigator to running my own team (twice) over three years.

Since leaving the US Navy for medical reasons in 2014, I have discovered a love of traveling. Specifically, RVing. I looked at different ways to combine my two interests, and so Destination Paranormal has been through various incarnations. After being inspired by a paranormal blogger, Kenny Biddle, I decided I would make a combination of a paranormal and travel blog.

On the spectrum of belief and skepticism, I tend to lean towards the skeptic side of things. I try to find a logical explanation for things wherever I can. If I can’t explain something, that doesn’t mean it’s a ghost. I follow the motto of: “Listen. Observe. Question.” These are skills that are inter-related and when applied critically, will more often then not lead to a solution to what is going on.

I am also not a cynic. If you tell me you experienced something you can’t explain, I won’t argue that you had an experience, even if I offer an alternate explanation.