PJH Investigations is the investigative branch of Destination Paranormal.

I am looking to document cases of paranormal events and sightings in New England and elsewhere to try and identify patterns in where and when these events take place.

I am not going to show up to a location with a trunk full of equipment. If this is something you are looking for, I have contacts with various paranormal groups that are actively seeking new cases. My primary goal is to document claims and look for possible explanations.

While my area of concentration is ghosts and hauntings, I cover all aspects of the paranormal including Cryptozoology (Bigfoot, Champ, and other creatures), UFO sightings, and other phenomenon. I believe that these different phenomenon may be connected in some way.

I am particularly interested in experiences in and around the Glastenbury Mountain or ‘Bennington Triangle’ area in Vermont.

I also offer photo, audio, and video analysis. If there is something I’m not sure of, I can also send the media in question to people that are specialized in each area (photo analysts, sound engineers, etc.).

If you feel like you are experiencing a negative haunting situation, I also have contacts that specialize in that area as well.

To contact me; you can fill out the contact form below.